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Friday March 15, 2024

Good Morning Folks and a Happy Prep Day to you All!

You are all probably waiting to hear that all our peach trees we started last year are doing well and the Blueberry bushes are all in now with some blossoming.

It appears the South will actually get some good life sustaining rains next week. Lots of folks down there praying about it no doubt.

You can check Bridget's rain map to get a good understanding of what has transpired this year starting with the early rain events in October. Some of you guys were fascinated with the germination map she put up back in the first half of winter.

Once again that is how we know what locations will be the first to mature year in and year out. The handful of us who started looking to the Land for the Calendar based witnesses back in the 90's listened closely to scripture and the lesson of how Yehovah allows it to rain on one city and not another. The results of that are not just a Biblical pattern but also an agricultural pattern.

Its simple: no germination of the grain in the soil until it receives the rains from heaven (irrigation not allowed for Biblical applications as we are instructed that was left behind in Egypt Deuteronomy 11:10-12). It worked for us then from afar and it tells us where to inspect when we enter the Land rather that running around looking at locations that did not receive rain in October and are thus too young.

Let me give you an example.

When talking to a friend the other day I used the example of Tel Gama. It is a favorite location for some Land based inspectors who look for goat grass often. It is normally a good location to look for it there to get a gauge of what is coming in that area. However this year if you followed our rain charts you will see it did not get rain until December. Yes, December. So all you are going to find there is young wild barley growing in sandy soil. There would never be anything close to aviv by the end of the last 12th month.

However, if you go down the road a few miles to Besor Farms you will find wild and domestic into the aviv stage of the growing cycle because they received more than usual rains back in October.

That's how simple this is guys. After that you apply the other tools we have spoken about for decades and you have a good understanding of where and when to look for the First of the Firstfruits locations. This year there are 3 regions that have them.

Here is a picture of the NW Negev to start with this morning. The farmers are still very busy cutting wheat and barley for silage for the dairy operations that are all over this section of the Land. They have been cutting there for 10-14 days. They do not cut it until it reaches the dough stages so it has peeked out on nutritional value thus no need to let it get any more mature. Look at your Zadoks Code for the dough stages and learn the lesson millions of farmers already know. Physiological maturity is completed between 8.3 to 8.7 depending upon the soils, seed type, and meteorological conditions. For instance: when did it get sustained sun while in the milk stages, etc.

Physiological maturity is the basis of Leviticus 2:14 as the minimum requirement for a Holy Grain Offering. At that stage it can be dried out in the field or over a slow fire. If planted it will reproduce itself but for purposes of an offering it can be ground into flour.

So this photo from yesterday is not cutting one of the early rain receiving fields. It is a location that did not receive the early rains until well into November.

Lets put up a couple more photos from yesterday seeing how we are here.

In the first one who can explain to us the cast of characters growing in this aviv location?

Remember you need to email with the answer which reminds me I will be catching up on emails today to those who have not received one back yet. Also we do not open requests to post. The only way we know what you are saying is if it has a preview with it. Otherwise they go instantly into the deleted file regardless of content.

Now, the last photo is a reminder photo guys. This is what acceptable wild barley looks like when it grows in agricultural soils. It is in the 6-7 stages of Zadoks Code. It is bowing beautifully. Goat grass "bows" as it suffers a premature death, so don't be mislead that it is the norm for acceptable wild barley because it is not. Look at how it towers over its cousin down below it. Compare it to the sickly and stunted goat grass (wild barley growing in unacceptable soils) which you see pictures of often. Goat grass can not be used as a substitute for barley without blemish. No wavesheaf with that stuff is acceptable to our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you!


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