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Friday March 29, 2024

Hi Guys and Happy Prep Day to all, as well as day 4 of the 7 days of UB.

Just think Wavesheaf day is only two more days away so lets check on the imminent start to the Harvest.

Yifat and Elad are in agreement: the domestic barley and wheat are ready to bundle into sheaves on Sunday or when the folks get back from the Feast of UB.

In the third photo I have circled some of the last remnants of wild barley growing with their sisters the barley and their cousins the wheat that are still to be found in this region. Remember earlier in the year how much wild barley was towering over their relatives in these fields in Galed.

And then look at 3 fields in the upper elevations and in the little valleys hidden high above the lower levels. These fields are advancing rapidly as is to be expected with all the sun, heat, and wind. Some are already into the dough stages.

Then one of the high elevations with the grasses already making the turn to their summer color look.

Then a quick look at the temperatures in Ofakim for the next 10 days. Ofakim is in the heart of the Negev grain growing region. Its going to be a very short harvest period in the NW Negev folks. Maybe a few straggler fields in 3 weeks that were planted late but not many. Keep in mind that domestic barley and wheat can stay patiently on the stalk awaiting harvesting for 4-6 weeks after aviv if necessary and depending on meteorological and predation conditions.

Our peace we give to you!


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