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Friday March 8, 2024: Take 2

Good morning Folks and once again a Happy Prep Day to All.

To those asking me to keep reporting the witnesses up through New Moon Day, I have decided to do so. Thus I will put up the summation of this years daily witnessing for the past 3-4 months then. Of course, you all know what our decision is already.

We are awaiting the swifts and swallows to return in their big numbers but if you check the Typical March Calendar file you will see that is still a week off but lets see what Father has in store on that one. We will start with a few pictures of the sleeping vineyards as a reminder to their upcoming witness as well which always comes before Passover.

A word of warning: the fevered pitch for many to save face on their Calendar proclamations of last year is about to hit a fevered pitch so stand still and strong and witness to it. There is a defined move coming to deny John's inspection success in the Land. They think it is a weak point because I was not there with him. Imagine that! Just watch.

Two photos of next years wine still sleeping in the vine.

Then some random shots from different areas around the country. Notice the different stages of growth all in the head. What a witness in the harmony of this Abib Growing Cycle.

In the first one we have a classic shot of wild barley towering over the domestic. That is what happens when wild barley grows in good agricultural ground.

And then 2 more photos of wild barley doing the same over the domestic grain. Zoom in if you can't initially see them giving their witness. This is a pattern we see every yearly cycle.

And once again Yifat comes through with some beautiful instructional photos from this morning.

In the 3rd one you have a good example of 2 row barley. In the 4th one you will recognize this tree for this years photos during the daily postings. You have seen the domestic barley growing around it in 3 different stages of growth. In the 5th one a good example of 6 row barley. These have all entered the dough stages or as Zadok Code defines it numerically as stage #8.

And last but not least is the two barley sisters giving witness with one voice. This is a zoomed in one of number 4 in this group of photos. If you look right and center you will see wild barley has entered her bowing before her Creator. Such simple understandings in creation.

Our peace we give to you!


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