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Friday October 7, 2022

Happy Day/Feast of Atonement to all of you keeping it today.

The appointed times of the 7th month are simply full of amazing action and glory when we come to understand their meanings and their timing to Father and Christ/Messiah. Thank you for loving our Elohim!

A good size number of you on this public page want to know my beliefs associated with this day. Some of you know them well and agree with them or disagree with them. And that is okay with me for we are all to seek out our own salvation, and in doing so the path of understanding to it.

Then there are many who do not for they never read any of the studies, etc. on our website. Once again, that is okay with me. And some are on this facebook public group it seems to get themselves all worked up into a frenzy. And once again, that’s okay with me as well.

So, for you guys who know what I believe whether in agreement or not you may want to sign off for this is going to be very basic.

But there is a special place in my heart for those who want answers and don’t want to or can’t put the time into searching them out themselves. That is usually defined in scripture as being a babe, or simply results in being torn between two opinions for many. So today I am going to break with my own rules to give those who are asking a brief summary of this day in my understanding. But to do so I need to explain how we have gotten to this 10th day of the 7th month.

A common mistake I hear and read about this time period when being referenced is this: it is a 10-day time period between Trumpets and Atonement. There in starts an error and a detour from the truth. Trumpets and Atonement are their own rehearsals of a reality to come at a future date. In truth, there are only 8 days between them which holds an amazing truth as the number 8 is used to describe circumcision and in this case circumcision of the heart for a people.

But first Trumpets.

On that appointed time of meeting we have our Lord and Savior returning with His Bride at His side to make war with the nations who oppose the ways of Fathers Household. It is addressed in Revelation 19:11-21, 17:14; Zechariah 14:5; Jude 14:15, etc. It is the day Christ/Messiah is set up as King of kings, and Lord of lords on the earth and in the timeline of events of the Plan of Salvation. He has moved beyond the title and functions of the Lamb of Fathers household. Those new titles and those new functions of authority never change but only are enhanced as we move through the subsequent annual rehearsals to follow.

One of the wonderful aspects that come out of that day is He draws all the descendants of Native Israel out of all the nations. They have no idea who they are. We are not talking about the folks running around in the nation of Israel today. They have a different path to walk. We are talking about millions of people He is going to reveal Himself to as promised so often through the prophets of old. If you would like to read about this 8-day time period after Trumpets and before Atonement you can do so in Ezekiel 20: 33-44. In summing it up He calls them out and reasons with them face to face just like He did with their fathers of old. He does so in the wilderness of the nation’s not the wilderness of Egypt. Why? Because not one rebel will be allowed to enter the Promised Land as He clearly states just like the first time around. Repentance and true circumcision of the heart is the desired result. When we understand where these scriptures fit into the timeline it is an eye opening experience. Please remember the Lake of Fire is up and running at this time and has been since Trumpets when the judgment of the False Prophet and Beast took place.

Once the total number who repent is realized then we are set for the activities of the rehearsal of the 10th day, Atonement. On this day we have 2 very distinct and wonderful events taking place. First let’s deal with the Jubilee. All these millions of repentant descendants of Native Israel with be redeemed and have the right to return to their family inheritance. That is our Lord and Savior doing the redeeming as He has so often promised in the past.

Do not forget: He is King of kings, and Lord of lords and also has assumed the prophesied title of Gibbor El, Mighty God, at that time. Those titles, functions, and roles will never change. Many have tripped over that simple truth in the sequence of events in the timeline.

The other big event on this day is the exposing of the false, fake, counterfeit Christ/Messiah. Yes, he who had deceived the whole earth. Times up in the Plan when it comes to his accountability in it all being addressed with Native Israel and in turn all the nations. He is exposed as the source of all sin, the author of it, the enhancer of it, and the perpetrator of it. He is exposed and humbled before all who are alive at that time. He is led away to a captivity by another arch angel where his abilities to deceive as the prince of the power of the air will no longer be a threat to Israel or mankind for 1,000 years.

What a joyous event in the timeline of the Plan of Salvation. It is sad to see and hear some believe that is actually Christ/Messiah on this day. That just speaks to satan’s ability to deceive even the elect. Just imagine, the King of kings, and Lord of lords, the Mighty God is led away and placed in isolated captivity for 1,000 years? It takes my breath away to hear such things, but we must all seek out our own salvation with trembling and fear.

And yes, I separate myself from food and water as part of this rehearsal. The symbolism is just amazing for those who have eyes to see.

After today we have another time period between Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles/Ingathering. It is 4 days and it too holds many truths of prophesied events. But that is for a different discussion.

Happy Feast!


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