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Friday September 15, 2023

Happy Prep Day to all!

And yes, this is the 28th day of this Biblical Lunar Cycle. Anyone looking at a Jerusalem, or for that matter Israel based crescent sighting, are delusional if they are out looking tonight. That can only mean they have rejected the scriptures commanding them not to eat off of the table of spiritual stupor from those who set it as a trap for them.

Now we can move into relevant information way above their heads and ability to understand.

Many folks are asking about the crescent sighting in Israel tomorrow night after sunset. I personally focus on the region around Jerusalem. No slight on you guys who go outside of that or even use different methods, as I know many of you use any location in Israel and even outside it. We all have to make those decisions on our own. I just state what mine are based on over 25 years of experience doing so and accumulating lots of data and personal experience from the location of my choice: Jerusalem and related to my understanding of scripture.

I am seeing the queen of the north’s influence blowing about in winds of doctrine these days. To think there are people who profess we should not use calculations to understand when a crescent will be available and when it will not, is pure Biblical Stupor and steeped in sloppy rebellion. That is no different than saying we should not be counting days to know when the 6th day will be so we can meet our responsibility to prepare for the 7th day Sabbath rest. That is how we use the calculations for the 29th day of a lunar cycle. Its all about being ready and prepared for new moon day to be accurate in our efforts to keep all the appointed times of meeting with our Creators as a good steward of the commands entrusted to us in our calling.

Why is that? For two very simple facts.

A calendar is a sequence of numbers in sequential order designed to represent a weekly cycle, a monthly cycle and then an accumulation of months as part of what is required for a yearly cycle. Simple arithmetic: 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. This is how we calculate when the Sabbath will be, when an annual rehearsal/feast will be, etc. Our guiding light in this are the two luminaries in the heavens which shine their light on the earth. They were designed by our Elohim to be a perfect clock for us to be able to see what time it is in each and every day of the week, month, and year. That is the result of our Creators placing physics and mathematics into the physical creation which can’t be altered by man. Thus, a perfect time piece for our use. That is what has always been used to prepare for a new moon sighting. David’s example is very clear even without having the spirit of Elohim in us. They knew it would be on the 29th or 30th day of a cycle. That was them calculating it, yes, calculations of men.

Time to say it: you can’t make the degree of Biblical stupidity up that is blowing around these days.

The queen of the north believes we are not to use such things, as mathematical calculations to determine when we should be prepared and looking. Just wait on what suits her fancy because she clearly stated we do not need any “luminaries” to determine the start of the month.

Then we have the queen of the south being incapable of saying; “I was wrong” in accepting a fake new moon sighting in July and in August, and then speaking out of both sides of her mouth to justify and hide her error. That is very unbecoming of the person I once knew. Thus, she has confused a lot of her loyal followers. Don’t expect her to come clean on it verbally, just look to her actions and you will see what she really is doing and thinking.

This is all part of what is to take place at the end of the age. And yes, you drew the short straw and here you are. As Linda used to tell our 4 children, someone had to be here.

Now for the evening of the first day of the week which starts at sunset tomorrow night after Sabbath ends September 16.

The extended forecast for that evening in Jerusalem is as follows:

Winds around 17 miles per hour from the WNW.

Humidity below 50%: which is a critical component.

Dew point around 52%: which is a good thing.

Visibility 9 miles with clear skies.

So, what does that all mean? We have a visibility rating of 125 with Bruce’s algorithms. If those numbers above hold, a person with normal eyesight will see the new moon/crescent. Its that simple, even with a lag time under 50 minutes. That has been the pattern over the years. That will mean Father has said let Me put an end to the confusion and make it the start of the 7th month. However, if the humidity rises quickly during the afternoon which it has on many occasions with these same projected numbers of man, the haze line on the western horizon will also grow up into the sky and thicken as well. It’s all a matter of timing and His will.

The threshold for being visible with the naked eye in Bruce’s calculations is 112. If not visible from that point on up the chart of visibility ranking, that means it has been obstructed by our Elohim using Their creation to do so and brings about Their desired outcome.

Now please listen closely, this only applied to the 29th day in a Biblical Lunar Cycle. That is the one created on the 4th day of creation week which was designed by our Elohim to replace Yehovah as the light on the first 3 days. By the way that will be reversed after the Judgment. We have it all written up in our book of the Timeline of the Plan of Salvation if you’re interested. It can be downloaded from the website: Any 30th day at evening of a Biblical Lunar Cycle is a done deal if not seen on the 29th. It is that way for us the called of Father to stay focused on our Creators will, and thus know the actual day of an upcoming appointed time of meeting, a Holy festival rehearsal day: mow’ed qodesh miqra. By all means: yes, it does require some elbow grease on our part.

That is why Yehovah assigned a specific day, in a specific month, for these annual rehearsals with the exception of Pentecost/Feast of Weeks. But even that has a very specific starting point and no it is not that devised by Rabbis with their fake calendar.

Some have been asking how do we keep track of this from afar, when not in the Land. The first answer is simple; personal effort and not relying on someone else’s possibly tainted oil. Once we become familiar with the methods I will be listing below, you will know with almost certainty when a falsehood is being broadcast by anyone in the Land in relation to a sighting. (We also have another two step methodology to determine if a false barley report comes out of the Land.) You can also use a lot of this if a time comes when you can’t have internet access. But you need to start now.

I start with using Bruce’s algorithms located on our website for each month throughout a Gregorian year. Let me give you an example of what one looks like for tomorrow night. Version 10.4

14 Sep: 5:47 5:42 0.23 93.93 100.6 -1.77 0.87 -7.593 Not Visible

15 Sep: 5:46 6:07 0.36 93.48 90.62 3.72 -4.73 44.03 Not Visible

16 Sep: 5:44 6:32 2.35 93.03 80.41 9.14 -10.3 125.3 Visible

First Day of Month is Sunday, 17 Sept. (unless it is the 29th day and atmospheric conditions block it. As it is it is the 29th day.)

These numbers represent sunset, moonset, illumination, Sun’s azimuth, moons azimuth at sunset, moons altitude, suns altitude, and then the visibility number assigned to it and then the simple conclusion whether it will be visible or not.

This is a tool for our use based on the physics and mathematics assigned to it on the 4th day of creation week.

The threshold for a normal visibility on a 29th day is 112 if conditions are good and eyesight is normal. The minimum threshold for visibility is roughly 93; if conditions are perfect and a person has very good vision.

The illumination of tomorrow evenings crescent is 2.35% within a degree or two. That is representative of the 125-visibility rating above.

For those of you living outside of the Land here is what you do to be reasonably accurate in your understanding whether a 29th day crescent can be seen in Jerusalem from where you are. It will take some time and practice to do it physically. You will need to look for the new moon from your location. Record for yourself how bright it looks and at what elevation it is at. Use Roy’s (INMS) simple method of fists and fingers and you will be using the same measurement method for every sighting thus it will be consistent. Then compare it to what the visibility was or will be if you are projecting the lunar cycles out.

Do this for every 29th day potential new moon. In a short time, you will see the obvious pattern of correlation from where you are located to that of Jerusalem. Of course, you need to deal with the meteorological conditions in your location as well.

That is the physical part of the task. The mental part of the task is to compare the 29th day illumination number for Jerusalem (example 2.35 tomorrow) to that of your location. Once again you will see a definite pattern of visibility develop as related to that of Jerusalem. I use the visibility number in Bruce’s calculations to that of the traditional illumination number for the day in Jerusalem and then to that of where I am. That takes the vast majority of the “guessing” and “totally relying on another” out of the equation. With that experience and knowledge in hand you can actually evaluate what someone from the Land is reporting.

Part 2 of the process from afar is to be able to retrieve the data for the day as to weather conditions. There are lots of outlets for that. I have my preference but many are just as good. Be sure it meets your level of understanding for what is being written, that’s all.

If you have a lag time under 50 minutes and humidity is above 50% on any 29th day with a visibility factor under 112 you will not see the crescent with the naked eye regardless of how good your eye sight is. That is a simple fact.

Maybe one of you computer type folks can do a service for the Body by putting together all the potential visibility listings from Bruce’s algorithms found on our site up through 2040 (hope it does not get to that duration) alongside the astronomical visibility number assigned to the new moon on the 29th day in Jerusalem. Then everyone who is not in the Land will have a reference chart to establish the pattern to the location they are in around the world. That would be a good service for all in this calling who understand the requirements we are trying to adhere to.

If anyone has a specific question, please write us via the email at the top of this Facebook Page. We do not open requests to post. If they have a “preview” with them then we may be able to read it. However, to be sure send an email.

Once again happy preparation day and thank you for loving Father and Son and moving beyond the milk of the Word.

Our peace we give to you!


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