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Happy Wavesheaf Day!

April 12, 2020 The count begins to Pentecost and the 50th day, the Spiritual Jubilee of the Bride of Christ/Messiah.The union of those who have qualified through both Marriage Covenants with our Husband.

We hope the keeping of these days of unleavened bread are a blessing to you as the world is engulfed in tragedy. Keep your focus on the Lamb, the Bread of Life and pray for the brethren around the earth.

Today is the rehearsal of the authority to start the early harvest.The physical harvest did not actually start on this day, just the authority given to do so.The Native Israelite's had to complete their focus on the balance of the commanded Pilgrimage Feast of UB and then return home to their fields and dwelling places.

That is depicting a simple Biblical fact in the Plan of Salvation.The time duration for those qualifying under the First Marriage Covenant terms and conditions had to be completed before those invited under the terms and conditions of the Second Marriage Covenant could complete the unfinished number necessary to internalize the Lamb of Fathers household.That time period ended in the Plan for Native Israel with the 7 Days of UB.

We the Gentiles, the neighbors, are invited to complete the number necessary to internalize the Lamb of Fathers household for there were not enough in Native Israel who stayed faithful enough to do so. Our Savior/Husband was accepted on our behalf during these 7 days of UB. Native Israel had already been accepted to start their count to qualify but fell short of the required number. Do not confuse those two events in the Plan.That is why our count must always start during the days of UB and not outside of them.

These 7 weeks to Pentecost are another example of the mercy of the Elohim and Their commitment to completing Their Plan of growing Their family.

May the Kingdom come soon.


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