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Monday April 11, 2022

Good morning folks!

Once again we hope you are well on your way for preparing to invest your faith in another wonderful Passover/UB festival season just ahead.

Please don't forget the 10th day of the Month of Abib is approaching. Will you have examined yourself for blemishes to be separated prior to Passover as a young lamb of our Lord?

We here at the site have to admit our jealousy for those of you who will be keeping Passover/UB in Jerusalem this year. The forecasts are calling for absolutely spectacular weather there for this festival season of our Elohim.

So, now onto the business of the day in providing evidences to those of you who are still in the decision making process of rejecting the false winter covered festival in March.

With that in mind we are going to the scene of the crime. That would be the Beit Shaun area of the Jordan Valley. Please examine these photos from this morning of what it looks like in its entirety at this time. Zoom in to see the wild barley growing amongst the domestic grain. A wonderful sight to gaze upon in the Land. A beautiful harmony witnessing to decision when the new year started. Four pictures for your evaluation. There are more but these should suffice.

Next we have some from the NW Negev. And once again pictures are worth a thousand words even though some prognosticators claim they are useless. Imagine that. A line right out of PT Barnum's play book no doubt.

Look for the barley sisters growing together here in their final witness prior to Passover. You will see domestic 2 row and 6 row and wild barley. Note the uniformity of their growth stage. Yes, the two barley sisters (wild and domestic) growing in good soil proclaim to us the true witness from our Elohim as to their decision to start the new year.

Then we have a good picture of an adjacent winter wheat field. Once again it is in the same timing as the barley because it too was planted back in October before the rains began subjecting it to the same meteorological conditions as its cousins the domestic and wild barley growing in good ground.

And for the last photo we have a silage operation taking place not far away.

Our Savior will never leave nor forsake us brethren. He is the true witness and we as part of His body should be reflecting that in our actions before others.

Keep the faith!

Our Peace we give to you!


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