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Monday April 4, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

I do believe everyone who is associated with the Abib Calendar will have started the new Biblical Year as of last evening. But in all things satan is allowed to cause chaos and confusion so maybe not. He has many minions who rejoice in such activity for it causes doubt in some of the Body of Christ/Messiah.

This is all part of the process of our Savior finding a compatible helpmate in Fathers Household who will remain true to the Household rules and conditions. The Second Adam will not make the mistakes of the first Adam. He will make sure His Bride, His eternal Helpmate, will remain faithful through every test put before her in the long run. Like John tells us:

Revelation 17:14 "...and those with Him are called, chosen, and faithful."

Yes, dear brethren, it is a process of selection; of qualifying to be part of the eternal helpmate in Fathers Household; for many are called and few are chosen.

That tells us that much of the lunacy we hear these days is not correct, stay the path of following the well defined patterns in creation as the Biblical tenants apply to them and describe them.

Some of you may find some guidance in a chart we put together a few decades ago. It brings clarity to the lunar cycle and the appointed times of meeting. It is all about the Bride. The Biblical number of a woman is 28. That is the same number of days that there can be visibility to the moon as seen from the earth with the eye. The Plan of Salvation as depicted through the annual holy days is encoded in a woman's life cycle.

They will never leave nor forsake us, it is we who do the leaving and the forsaking.

I see one of the tenants introduced by the author of the Nehemiaite Calendar has resurfaced again to cause confusion once more and take the eye of some off of the prize.

Simply put he had entered his false doctrine of "potential visibility" into his calendar criteria.

There is no "potential" in the subject of visibility: it is, or it is not visible. There is only potential in the simple arithmetic of 29 or 30 days. We are instructed in scripture that the light of the moon, as it is visible on the earth, is a "sign." That is the Hebrew word owth (ancient spelling not modern). To qualify to be an owth it needs to be something clearly seen with the eye. No potential to be found in the word or the command at all. To suggest there is can only be determined to be an attempt at deception.

Follow the word through the scriptures to see its very clear and defined pattern. It is Strong's #226. Biblical arithmetic is a clear fact of life in creation. Our Creators designed the perfect time piece for our use. It is used in relationship with all the other things They do in creation to guide us into righteous judgments. It is used throughout scripture in patterns to educate us.

On another subject, some are asking for pictures of the current state of the grain crop in Israel. It should be a simple thing for you folks to go to the internet and look for yourself. We have shown you how to do it. It is also simple to understand from the pictures we posted during March and applying the meteorological conditions currently in the Land and the Zadok scale to know when they will be ready for harvest.

With that said there are a few fields of domestic barley and wild barley found growing together which are starting to turn in color. That is not goat grass. They will be ready for harvest by Passover of this month. However, there are many more which are much younger. That is exactly how it should be with the meteorological conditions that have prevailed in this growing cycle. Its all a pattern folks.

With that said maybe later we can post some pictures to assist those who seemingly can't find them. Please remember it is our function on this site to help you get to the place where you can stand on your own two feet and feed yourself in this subject matter.

Our Savior is looking for a mature Bride, not an infant bride. Thats a different religion. He needs someone who is able to feed and clothe others in their calling. We can only assist in that, as most of you know and actually do yourselves.

Stay clear of the confusion surrounding us all and move forward to the wonderful festivals of the first month and the promise they hold for us and for mankind. Time is running short.

Our peace we give to you.

Lifecycle of a Woman - table only
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