Monday August 22, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

We hope you are all staying the course in your walk with our Elohim. Lots of obstacles have been coming our way and many more will for sure if we read about this time correctly.

This post, from our friends at the Tulip Winery overlooking the Jezreel Valley (there are actually two wineries with the same partial name) was too good to pass up posting.

Please look at the vintners comments about the (Biblical) year past and present. Everything is right on schedule for our starting of the year when we did.

I could not get it to share in Facebook so have copied the link. Hope this works? No laughing you computer type folks. I am an old guy.

Tulip Winery: Harvest updates 🍇🍀 We waited a long time for the current harvest... The year that preceded him gave us a hint of what a harvest is going to be, and to our joy, the forecasts match reality 💪🏼 After the first 10 days of harvest and close to 100 tons we have already harvested, with work around the clock in the winery, it can be said that the 2022 harvest is characterized by good fruit qualities and average plus crops. The relatively long cold winter and the cool spring (we already forgot huh? Optimal ripening of the grapes has been allowed and we are very pleased with what we are seeing so far and look forward to more similar. To the good wines to come! 🥂 📸

Yes, there are patterns in creation which assist us in growing in favor, acceptance, and knowledge. Keep safe in our Lord


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