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Monday August 28, 2023

Hi Folks, As we mentioned last week the violent storm cell over Italy at the time, has now moved south and east and generated violent winds and rain in the Haifa area with its fading strength. The big extremes and violent swings in weather this summer in the Land are something to behold. They are not over yet. The IMS reminds people here that similar rain events happened last year at this time as well. So let's watch to see if in fact a pattern is in the making. Thus it will be interesting to see if it does follow last years turbulence if the winter rains start in late October. If there are some early rains prior to that we may witness the agricultural communities planting grains to take advantage of it as they did in some of the areas south of the Jezreel Valley last year. Thus that area ruled as the first of the firstfruits harvest. Always good to follow what Father is doing on the meteorological side of things to bring about His desired outcome for the 10 witnesses to the change of the year from winter to summer. Keep in mind we are looking for the Month of Abib to commence on the evening of March 11, 2024. But as always, we wait on Father to clearly show us His decision. Our peace we give to you!


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