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Monday August 7, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

Bridget sent over this link to another of the many lower level wineries strutting their stuff in the early bird race of the harvest for this cycle.

There are more, so if you have one to send over for others to follow through this harvest and ones to come please do so. Remember you need to send the link via our email address at the head of this Facebook Page. We may possibly be able to get it if you do a request to post with a preview so we can see it their.

Who can tell us about the early grape varieties starting the harvest off these past ten days? Are they native to Israel? What grapes are the traditional ones used in the Land, and what is their number one characteristic in common?

We know some of you know all of these answers so don't be shy now.

By the way, this winery is located just to the north and east of Kiryat Gat before we get to some of our barley locations on the other side of Route 6. Some of you have passed by it often. Lots more to come as we follow the different species of grapes through the harvest this Abib Growing Cycle. And yes, everything is right on time to our Calendar times. We have told you for months when the harvest would start in a 10 day time period and here it is. It is all a pattern which will not be denied.

And to those who are curious we do not utilize locations from greenhouses, under canopies, or growing beside ones house for our grape harvest determinations. And another big no to the locations in the lower Jordan Valley and the extreme South.

Our peace we give to you.


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