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Monday March 6, 2023

Hi Folks,

Here is the IMS summation of the little sharav which lasted for less than a day as we had mentioned it would some days back. The upper level winds were not right to sustain such an event from the east.

Please notice they mention two other sharav events happening in early March in the past two decades but of course they were much more intense: 2002 and 2010. We have attached the link to our historical Abib Inspections page on the website for you to look at the conditions in both of those years and the resulting fact they were 12 month years, or as we call them: normal years. Please look at the dates of the inspections and pictures.

Remember for a sharav to affect the barley crops in March it needs to take place in the first half of February. Simple fact proven over the years of inspections which we have for you have to look at and verify the pattern.

There are a couple of reports of a large flock of storks heading north. They were not in spires but moving rapidly. These reports are from birders we do not know. Sometimes the Black Stork is mistakenly identified as the White Stork. Lots of similarities but the BS has wings that are black underneath a large portion of them while the WS has only tips that are black in comparison.

We will keep you updated on them and the other expected migrators.

Our peace we give to you.


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