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Monday September 12, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

Once again, we are hoping things are well with you all and you are following the Lamb wherever He goes.

It appears that the Pelican migration is peeking in Israel this week as we had anticipated and mentioned in an earlier post.

The late summer migrations from the northern nesting grounds are once again a sign of where we are in the timeline of the yearly cycle of the Abib Calendar for our use.

At this time there are hundreds of different species making their journey south following the instinct written into their DNA by our Elohim. We hope you are taking the time to witness to this great event which continues in its pattern regardless of what man is doing.

It will be important to watch for the weather patterns changing in Europe and in Asia in the upcoming month ahead. They will give us an indication of what the winter rain cycle will be during the time of planting the grain. We then start to watch how the rain cycle influences the germination of both the wild and domestic fields. As we emphasized and pointed out often in pictures this current cycle, we look for wild and domestic grain growing together, or side by side.

And please remember we do not use goat grass in any of the criteria for making a determination other than it can indicate how much rain has been falling in a specific area. We refer to it as a potential indicator of what is to come with the qualified (harvestable) locations of grain. It is an anemic representation of our true Wavesheaf.

Please remember there is a pattern to all of this which is written in scripture. Just stick to the pattern and you will get an accurate answer from our Elohim as to when the next year will begin.

You can do this yourself!


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