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Monday September 25, 2023

Good morning Folks,

We are hoping the rejoicing of the 7th month and all the hope it entails is going well for you. We are looking forward to sunset tonight to have the privilege and honor of observing the 10th day of this month in all its fullness. And yes, that means fasting from food and water as a symbolic acceptance for satan being singled out and separated for 1,000 years and being exposed to Native Israel as the ultimate source of their sinning. What an amazing start to Native Israel being restored to their rightful inheritance among the nations. Yes, a stunning Jubilee and the blowing of the Silver Trumpets.

So as you deny yourself food and water (for only 24 hours) reflect upon the meaning of this part of our rehearsal of this future reality: satan is removed from his abilities as the prince of the power of the air to implant evil thoughts and desires in us all for 1,000 years. Yippie!

Lots of questions and comments about blowing shophars of late. Attached is my reply to those asking. Some of you are very familiar with this but many are not.

Our peace we give to you!

Are we commanded to blow a Silver Trumpet or a Shophar 2
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