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Sabbath April 13, 2024:

Day 14 of the harvest and the second Sabbath of the count to Pentecost.

Good Morning Folks, and a happy Sabbath to you.

We certainly hope your count through these 49 days is going well in every respect. It is so important to get these appointed times in our calling by Father correct. There is no substitution acceptable by our Elohim under the terms and conditions of this Second Marriage Covenant and it is a major focus of our qualifying to be part of the eternal helpmate to our Husband in Fathers household.

Maybe we will address a few items sent over by two folks this week in requests to post and comment, that had a preview to them. Only 2 out of hundreds. Once again for new folks, if such does not have a preview then we have no clue what you are saying for they get instantly declined and deleted. However we do get each email sent via the address here at the top of our Page with the instructions on how to contact us.

But many do not read such requirements they just "react." Very indicative to the state of those surrounding this watershed doctrine of the Abib Calendar here at the end of the age.

And yes to the many who are upset that so many people accept new moon reports without any scrutiny of the witnesses (names would be nice) to photos that are greatly magnified to actually see the crescent. That one is very easy to determine as we have explained in the past. Do you think a Levitical Order Temple Priest would accept witness without a name for such an event?

We are priests in training after the Order of Melchisedec, so why would you, and then entice others to do the same?

Really sloppy work guys! A penalty will be paid.

So now we have the portion of the post that so many tune in to see. Here is what the second week of the harvest looked like from around the grain growing regions of the country.

Many of the early fields that have been harvested weeks ago are now producing the young crops planted after that. These are the ones that need irrigation allotments, unlike grain which receives the rain from heaven because it is planted prior to and during the early rains which defines the start of winter in the Land.

And yes, there were some intense downpours the day before and the day of this new moon cycle in the Land. Imagine that. But now another beautiful streak of sun, heat, and wind to finish up the maturing of those fields still needing a little more time because of their late planting.

Lots of barley and wheat machine ready for harvest. Which simply means they were aviv weeks ago. Only the very late fields planted in December will be around come the end of the month as to a Leviticus 2:14 standard. Some will be left in the field after that to reach the level of dryness to be machine harvested for grain. No doubt the deniers who push a false calendar agenda will be looking for photos from those remnant fields to proclaim their righteous decisions.

Many areas have taken on their summer dried out look.

And I found a new spelt field up in the Golan for you spelt watchers use. Yes, up in the last of the grain regions to mature. Keep in mind just about all the photographers in the Land call all grains by the name wheat. That includes barley. But in the case of spelt they are correct for it is an older version of wheat but still has the unfortunate count of 42 chromosomes.

Our peace we give to you!


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