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Sabbath April 15, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to you all!

For most of us here, today in the completion of the first of the seven perfect/complete (tamiym) Sabbaths in the count to Pentecost and Feast of Weeks. We hope your count is going well and that the Passover and Days of UB were very special in your relationship with our Savior/Messiah.

Some would like to see us continue posting up to Pentecost to once again confirm the record in creation as to the timing of the year. Well, the record is clearly established on all the reports here on the site as well as with some others.

However, some in our fellowship think it is a good idea as well so we will play it by ear as the saying goes.

And yes, we will be posting the IMS report summing up this amazing out of season (as it is being called) rebuke from Father. Intense Sharav followed by intense rain, hail, and snow all centered around Wavesheaf Day.

A recurring question is what does the Land look like now as to harvest ready locations? Again, it is very simple for everyone to investigate that through all the photos up on the internet. We have added a few here today from this past week which reflect a common scene from all the agricultural areas in the country.

The first 3 are of silage (barley and wheat) having been cut and left to dry. Most of you know that it is not cut until the field reaches Zadoks 8.3 to 8.5; for at that point it is almost all physiologically mature needing only the drying stage to lose its remaining moisture. Thus it is loaded with all the nutrients the dairy cattle need.

Notice the secondary growth already springing to life in these cut fields. This has been the look in many areas for the past several weeks as we have shown in our reports.

Now we have some nice photos from Yifat this week which bring on a question we should all be able to answer. What are the two varieties of grain in each of them. By the way they are very aviv and have been.

Then we have one which reflects some barley growing amongst many tares. Who can separate the barley in this photo from earlier this week?

Oh yes, there are pictures of people harvesting the omer a week ago floating around on the internet in the Negev. If you have a particular one you would like to have posted send it via the email address at the top of the Page.

Our peace we give to you.


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