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Sabbath April 2, 2022

Hi Folks and Happy Sabbath,

The skies over Jerusalem and for most of the country are clouded in with a mixture of high altitude clouds and haze as we had thought might be the case with the first Sharav event of the Gregorian Year.

Unless a miracle takes place in the region of Jerusalem the attached dates are the ones we here will be keeping for the first month of the year.

Festival Dates 2022 based on

Jerusalem sighting

All days start from sunset the previous day:

Start of the year: April 4th

Passover: April 17th

UB: April 18-24th

Wavesheaf Day: April 24th

Pentecost: June 12th

Potential festivals of the 7th month:

Trumpets: September 28th

Atonement: October 7th

Tabernacles: October 12th

8th Day: October 19th


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