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Sabbath April 20, 2024: Day 21 in the count to Pentecost

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath Brethren!

What a beautiful week of harvesting in the Land this 3rd week has been. The countryside is screaming out her timing to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Looks like this coming week will once again host spectacular weather to continue the last half of the grain harvest and the continuing planting of all kinds of summer crops which need irrigation.

Lots of photos from our friends around the Land this week. Way too many to put up here but some real nice ones for you to confirm your righteous decision to start the Month of Abib as to Fathers wishes 6 weeks ago.

And yes to those still asking about the "mazzaroth" I will be posting a short, but to some way too long, understanding of mine in that regard from the Bible and from one who understands the history of such. It is entitled "The Queen of Heaven and the false pagan zodiac/mazzaroth." No doubt those who have invested their time and efforts into that pagan Jewish Mazzaroth lie will have a choice to make. Some will just dance around the fire cutting themselves looking for their god to render me silent. What a hoot!

To start the photos today we have one that has captured my heart. I call it gleaning from the four corners of the field.

Then a look at the transition from grain to vegetable crops in the Land with 5 photos.

Then 2 photos of the vineyards growing well all over the country.

Then 12 photos of what the Negev is looking like with just a few exceptions.

And then some photos from around the other 2 major grain growing areas of the Central and southern North followed by 2 photos showing a couple of the fields that were planted early January and which will be harvested in this 7 week time frame we are in.

Our peace we give to you!


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