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Sabbath April 23, 2022

Happy Sabbath to All!

We hope you are enveloped in the peace and safety of our Savior on this wonderful day for He is the Lord of the Sabbath.

We also hope you have been having a peaceful festival of UB and the hope it instructs us in with its keeping.

We are back from keeping the Passover and first part of UB in the Ozark Mountains, (which are really hills) with some brethren. No internet service where we were which made for an even more focused rehearsal of the reality to come.

Some of you have already kept a wavesheaf day but others have not with it being this Sunday based on their understandings of new moon sightings.

So, we thought we would put up a few pictures from the hundreds which are available on the internet from the Land which paint a beautiful picture of the hope which is in us all.

It is also worthy to mention the Land needs some rain for it is extremely dry in many of the growing regions. Reservoirs and ponds are still full but the soil has been dried out quickly with the temperatures and the winds.

Our first 2 pictures are from Yifat in the center of the country. For those of you who have been following our postings in this growth cycle you will have seen these fields many times over. These domestic barley and wheat fields in this area have good amounts of wild barley growing amongst them as you have seen in previous pictures. All growing in harmony.

When you look at these fields you can see they have not all completely turned to harvest ready yet by using a combine. Remember moisture content needs to be below 12% at a minimum or it will gum up the machinery.

However, all the wild and early sections of domestic barley are ready to harvest by hand with a sickle. Once again, we use the level of technology used when the rules and regulations were instituted, and then apply it to our terms and conditions we use today. It is not the other way around.

Also notice the wonderful array of wild flowers still present here this cycle. This is exceptional. They can still be seen all around the country except for the very deep South.

Next we have some photo's from the NW Negev and Jezreel Valley. Once again notice the fields are aviv in many portions of them but not quite all of them. That is why they can be harvested with sickles without destroying the portions that are not ready. A week ago prior to these pictures there would not have been areas big enough and isolated enough to do so without damaging younger portions of the fields.

Notice this condition in the 3rd picture. It has the stone boundary in it. The domestic is displaying the same features as the wild barley. The wild barley up close is goat grass and notice it too is doing the exact same thing in this location.

Any suggestions as to why? Remember to use the email address and not a facebook posting which we do not read let alone post whether good, bad, or indifferent.

The last photo is a familiar picture now in the Land. The domestic wheat and barley are being cut for animal feed and have been for some time. That is a big business in Israel.

With the weather being as it has and the forecast for more dry winds and high temperatures in the week to come we will be witnessing a very short harvest season as is the case in every intercalated year.

Maybe we will post some more photos tomorrow for your records.

Happy Feast!

Our Peace we give to you!


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