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Sabbath April 29, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to all.

And welcome once again to the 3rd perfect Sabbath count in another years walk to Pentecost. We hope you are being blessed in your efforts to keep the appointed times of our Elohim.

Lots of photos from all over the country are available on the internet to clearly define the timing of the year: if, one has eyes and knowledge to know what they are looking at.

The first photo is of the Upper Jordan Valley as of yesterday. Long gone and dead goat grass being a mix of wild barley and wild oats growing in areas some deem as acceptable "agricultural" ground. Good luck not breaking your plows trying to turn these areas.

Then we are focusing on the status of the domestic barley harvest in the Center of the Land, for it took the crown as the region in which the wavesheaf would have been cut a month ago. The wild barley growing amongst it fell many weeks ago as you have witnessed here. But, notice the strength of the stalks of the long dropped wild oats in some of the pictures.

But all things come to an end with the witnesses in creation with the sun setting on most of the domestic barley harvest in the Center of the Land. Most, but not all, as the one picture declares to us.

Yes, to you guys who have recognized the change in the harvest this past week. It has gone from silage production to bailing production in the Center of the country. That is a pattern throughout the agricultural community year after year.

Let's not forget barley's cousin the wheat. Long past aviv as you have been seeing for weeks in many locations. We hope you are getting proficient at distinguishing wheat from barley.

And then we sneak in a photo from yesterday here in Tennessee, of some roadside domestic barley. It is far behind that found in the Land. No, we do not use barley growing here for the appointed times determinations.

Off we go for another weeks count starting at sunset tonight. How are you doing at keeping leaven free in your walk? Not an easy thing to do is it? Just remember we all have personal thresholds to cross; "our now I know moment" and then They will finish the work They started in us after that.

Our peace we give to you!


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