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Sabbath April 8, 2023

Hi Folks,

Brenda sent over some of the photos she took several weeks ago during our inspections in the Land. So, we thought we would post some, for you have not seen them yet. They are for your files and records. Just two, I promise.

They illustrate some very important characteristics we have been instructing folks in for many years. Number one is simple, look at how the higher elevations of this field is much more developed in quantity than the lower portions. This is of great importance to folks who had to harvest with a sickle.

Zoom in on these photos. You will see acceptable wild barley growing in among the domestic 2 row barley and the wheat. Really nice pictures. It is obvious these locations of wild barley are aviv (Leviticus 2:14) with the domestic grains trailing right behind them at that time.

This location is just north of the Jordan Valley checkpoint and is well know to local inspectors, as are some of the other fields we showed you weeks ago as the road goes north to Beit Sha'un.

So I ask, why did they ignore them in their recent reports of the inspections they did last week? Based on how the grain matures under the conditions present last week, these locations would have been very, very, aviv in their content.

Do not let anyone steal your crown.

Our peace we give to you.


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