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Sabbath Atonement Tuesday September 26, 2023

Hi Folks, We are hoping the day is full of rejoicing and happiness as we separate ourselves from life giving food in honor of the great deceiver being exposed to Native Israel and for that matter all who will be alive at that time and being separated for 1,000 years.

Here is a simple answer of the hope which is in me to a member of the Body. Leviticus 16:10 is a verse which many of late have tripped over and fallen from the truth once delivered.

“And the goat on which the lot for complete removal fell shall be set alive before Yehovah, to atone #3722 by it, to cast it out #7971 for complete removal to an uninhabited place.”

The stumbling block here is “atone.” Many have been dumbed down to accept the usage of the Protestant Translators and little “C” Christianity as to what this word means. Please never forget it simply means “to cover” from sight or seeing. It is a condition in which the thing once seen can no longer be seen again. There is no holiness attached to it. It is a function.

If you read a scripture that states the blood of a sin offering atoned for someone or something, it is simply saying it has removed the sin from sight. The penalty has been paid thus no death will occur because of it. Thus, when it says the completely removed goat would be used, to atone by it, we are simply being told that the source of all of Native Israels desire to sin would be put where it could not do so any longer. The source was covered and removed from sight in every imaginable way possible. Thus, Native Israel would now be able to have the correct mindset to be obedient to our Elohim without his interference and He restores them to their rightful family inheritance.

That is why in the scriptures that follow this very clear statement in verse 10 we are given a precise chronology of events. First the Priests sins as well as his household are covered by the blood of the bull. Then the chosen goat is killed and its blood atones for the Holy Place because Native Israel made it filthy with all their abominable acts done in it, and then for all Native Israels sins, and then for the entire Tabernacle of Meeting. Then he sprinkles the blood of both the bull and goat on the sacrificial altar.

We are then informed in verse 20 that all the atoning for sin is completed. Only after all this covering of sin do we now see what happens in detail to the living goat which was rejected as the sin offering. Verses 21-22 clearly instruct us this goat carries all the responsibility, for all the sins, in itself. That is because it is unholy and the root cause of them all. So now he is dragged off to a place he will be covered over for his part in it. Yes, he will be atoned/covered over and not seen or heard, as he was the source of all the sins. He will be covered for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-4) How simple is all this? It takes the Elohim to decide between the two goats, for Israel is not capable of doing so as their actions have proven time and time again. Just think, if both goats were qualified to be a sin offering why did Yehovah have to intervene and choose one. Because the devil has deceived the whole world.

Bye-bye bad boy for 1,000 years. No, a strong chosen one is not dragging Christ off of His throne as King of kings and Lord of lords and depositing Him in a dark pit. Talk about the degree of deception!

If only they understood the timeline of the Plan of Salvation and who is who in it. Our peace we give to you!


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