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Sabbath August 12, 2023

Happy Sabbath to all!

We hope your witnessing to these days is going well, so much to take in and store for a future time. As many of you already know, the grape harvest (for wine making purposes) has kicked in for those wineries in the mid and lower elevations in the Land. We have posted enough of the witnesses to it taking place and its actual starting dates so we will not do any more until later in the harvest to document it slowing down and inevitable completion. All important dates Biblically speaking to insuring the sanctity of the Abib Calendar Cycle from year to year.

As Evgeny so accurately captures in his photo below there is another side to the grape harvest taking place. Remember everything needs water and if there was no irrigation to the grape vineyards it would resemble this dried out, burnt terrain you have seen often earlier this cycle when it was green and lush.

It is important to keep a focus on the realities of the seasons in the Land lest we be led down the wrong path and not the straight and narrow one. In following the straight and narrow we put ourselves under the rod following the Lamb of Fathers household.

Also just a reminder to watch the skies and the meteorological conditions over Jerusalem this upcoming Thursday. There will be a lot of running to and fro prior to that with a lot of anxieties no doubt.

Thank you for loving Father and Son!!!

Our peace we give to you!


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