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Sabbath August 19, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath folks!

Do you find yourself longing for this day as the week's work advances? Linda and I do for sure. For you curious folks who are looking for the timing of the current cycle harvests in the Land we have a few pictures from several of the agricultural regions to assist you.

The grape harvest is going well with about 4-6 weeks left depending upon variety and elevation. Then there are some scattered holdouts.

The first three pictures are of wine grapes. The fourth is of table or eating grapes as most of you can probably determine by their look. We do not use them in any of our harvest timing criteria because they can actually float somewhat through the seasons based on a number of factors. There are also a lot of photo's of pomegranates around the country. They are looking really good at this stage.

And lets not forget the four legged lawn mowers looking for anything green to eat on the hillsides and openings not used for agriculture.

Its unfortunate some brethren who are called of Father do not understand these cycles and their timing with the annual moedim, festivals. It is through those as they are tied to the harvests that we are given understanding into the Plan of Salvation and where we fit into its current timeline. But, it is the end of the age and many who are deceived will also be deceiving. Nothing we can do about that other than continue to be witnesses to the truth once given.

The Feast of Trumpets is just a short month away and all the commanded rejoicing in the 7th month.

Our peace we give to you.


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