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Sabbath August 26, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to All!

We hope your Preparation Day led into a peaceful Sabbath rest from your weeks activities.

We thought we would catch some of you up on the return migration through the Land from the North. As you can see here in the Agamon link some of the early birds are making their journey back to the southern Hemisphere and for some just to North Africa. However the later migrants take that region up as a wintering area.

This once again takes place in the same timing of the suns migration at the end of the "summer" months as it does at the end of the "winter" months in Israel. That is because what we refer to as instinct was placed into the migrating bird species by our Elohim. The decreasing amounts of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere cause a chemical reaction in the brains of these birds which triggers a desire to head back south just like it does in reverse for going north. This is very important to the sanctity of the Abib Calendar Cycle each and every year.

Meteorological conditions can effect it each year for a short period of time in delaying or speeding it up. That is used by our Elohim to bring about a desired timing for them to be witnesses in the Land as to the changing and onset of the two primary seasons of winter and summer. A wonderful design as one would expect from Creators (Father and Son) who want us to completely understand when we are to meet with Them on the designated day and month and for that matter year, as some are really screwed up on that one as we have witnessed this current cycle on both ends of it. 10 Biblical Witnesses in scripture to its start. Yes, how true it is He/They will never leave nor forsake us.

As to this current cycle everything is beautifully on time even though the past month and a half have had some bizarre weather events of heat and even rain in the middle of the Israel summer months. In fact, there may be rain in some locations again this coming week. The up and down and inconsistent weather this cycle is reminiscent of the up and down actions of the two queens (of the north and the south). Chaos and confusion sum them up.

If you pick up the task of timing this "fall" migration to the south through the Land, you will see it intensifies as we approach the fall Equinox just as it was designed to do. Yes, that is true even though the queen of the north has proclaimed to any dim-one naive enough to believe her in her grifting ways, that it has no impact or value on anything in the Calendar.

Our Elohim have established all the patterns in scripture and in Their creation for us to learn about Them and what They desire. Paul calls them the mysteries or as the Greek is better translated "hidden truths" for they are not designed for all to know at this time. We are to be stewards of them. Our Elohim created time for us. Its required for a plan to be put in place that has a start and an end. Thus we have a perfect time piece in the sky with the sun and the moon which instruct us. Yes, perfect math and physics on display. Once again queenie says they are not required. How dumbed town can people become? Of course that is a rhetorical thought, the answer is very plain to see.

So, here we are in the 6th Biblical Month and the birds, the grapes, and the balance of the summer fruits are all perfectly set to proclaim the upcoming 7th month. Perfectly! To think otherwise is really ignorant of the facts on the ground as described in the scriptures. Satan is very busy as he sees his time coming to a close for this segment of the timeline of the Plan of Salvation. Thus you have a big target on your back. Wear it well and be on guard.

Our peace we give to you!


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