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Sabbath December 3, 2022

Good Morning and a Happy Sabbath to you all.

The rains of the past few weeks have done their job with the germination process of the grains just as our Creators have instructed them to do. The cycle is moving along just as we have anticipated as to timing for this cycle and the upcoming new year in March.

Use the Zadok scale to figure out how old this grain is. That is good practice. For those of you who have been able to watch grains such as the winter wheat varieties, you understand this growth with slow down dramatically once the colder weather hits this area of the Promised Land. If it gets exceptionally cold this cycle, like it did in the last one, many of these shoots will take on a distressed or even dead look, however that is the nature of winter wheat type grains for they will once again revive and continue their growth cycle when more favorable temperatures return. If only conditions could be perfect to actually produce a true 90 day cycle, right.

For your records this area is in the central part of the country by Ein HaShofet.

Lots of folks are curious about my personal thoughts on New Moon observations. Some of you are probably saying don't do it, keep to this growth cycle stuff. I will take counsel on the matter if you wish to send it over to the email address on the top of this page:



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