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Sabbath December 9, 2023

Good Morning Folks and Happy Sabbath!

We are hoping the day is dawning well for you all and that you are keeping close to the Lord of it. For those who may not know who that is, the Second Marriage Covenant scriptures instruct us it is Jesus/Yehoshua/Yashua or however you wish to spell His name. You can read about that in Matthew 12:1-8, Mark 2:23-28, and Luke 6:1-5. To be Lord of something, you need to have ownership of it! Exodus 31:13-17 describes to us Who created it and thus is the Lord of it; yes, our Savior and Messiah. Some of you who are reading this vehemently deny Him as such but that is okay with me. It is one of the mysteries or hidden truths the apostle Paul address. You need the spirit of the Elohim working in you, or at the very least leading you, to understand such things. That is entirely up to Them not any of us.

Once again, we are being given choices to make as to the determination of the start of the Biblical Year. What a humble blessing to be even able to understand such a thing exists in this day and age. Unfortunately, the adversary understands all too well the implications of that and he is very active using his surrogates to undermine the truth of that Biblical understanding and the simple methodologies given to us in scripture and creation to establish it. Without the spirit working in us we could be very easily swayed to the dark side which is actively distorting it. Just think if he could deceive as many as one third of the angels, who had been in the presence of the Elohim, and created perfect, we are sitting ducks for him. Add to that Father calls the weak and the base and it even can sound worst if not for the fact He is actually doing so to confound the mighty. All in the Plan of Salvation, thus no surprises.

Thank you, Father, for your calling at this time.

We are and have been in the season of the early rains for some time now as witnessed through the reports we have been posting on the subject. That is what we do to let light shine in the darkness as it does not comprehend it, but the children of light who have had their eyes opened do. Not a put down, just a Biblical fact and pattern. Not following the meteorological conditions throughout the grain growing cycle like the Levites did in their 48 regions is like a blind man trying to find a light switch in a very big room with no doors.

In following the rain and temperatures throughout the winter in the Land we know where we need to look for the aviv barley at the end of the 12th month. And keep in mind it does not need to be aviv at that time but prior to the 10thof the upcoming next month. That is where experience, Zadoks code, and the spirit of our Elohim come into play.

This Abib Growing Cycle started back in October this cycle with more than sufficient early rains to germinate all the domestic and wild grain seeds in the soil along the Coastal Area north of Tel Aviv. That was also the case in several of the other areas we inspect annually which many of you are familiar with. We have been showing you current photos from them to support what we talk about. We also post third party reports from meteorological sources for further proof of what is actually taking place as to rains and temperatures. Our reports are loaded with them for you to go back to and browse through to see patterns, etc.

This year’s start to the grain growth cycle, both domestic and wild, is focusing on a March 12th start to the year at present. That can change, but it is our experience that with a good germination rate in late October and early November there will be a first half of March start to the Biblical year. That would make this current Biblical Year a normal 12 lunar month one. Usually a sharav event takes place in those cycles during February.

Those who went early in February of the previous year will no doubt have some anemic wild barley to find and declare as being representative of our Savior and Lord of the Sabbath. There always is so why even do a search? Of course, that does not fit the spiritual reality it should, or the Biblical agricultural principles and practices we have been posting recently as we do each year. However, those folks can get back on track with their current year being intercalated. That will be a good thing. Remember it is not about who is right, but what is right. Please never forget that. Correct information coming is what counts, regardless of the package it comes from.

Such a pleasant and orderly Biblical pattern in creation is not available for those who went late on April 21st. If the First of the Firstfruit requirements are met at the end of the 12th month on Monday March 11 at sunset in the Land or will be by the 10th to 14th of the next month, then the decision has been made by Father to change the year from winter to summer. That would simply mean that those of you who had kept an April 21st start to the year are in need of a course correction. No, 11th or 14th month years allowed just like no 28 or 31 day months allowed folks.

As for those who kept a start to it in June, you are beyond help from any of us mere mortals.

We will be presenting detailed reports, as is our pattern, over the next several months so you will know what is actually taking place in the Land. That is a good foundation for making a righteous decision. That of course is up to you in your calling from Father and relationship with Christ/Messiah.

We have often explained over the years, decades in fact, the effects of rain on the grain crop. Too much prolongs the growing season and too little can shorten it. Those are simple facts some don’t understand even though they read the instructions on such. It is our hope that people who undertake inspections will take the time to visit the areas we identify as candidates for the First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering. No one will know but you, so there is no vanity in it. In fact, when we are in the Land you can accompany us if you wish and we won’t tell a soul if you don’t want us to. It’s all about what is right not who is right. As some of you know last year, some drove right by aviv fields we had posted only to ignore them to follow their agenda. Very sad but a reality of the end of the age.

Once again, never forget there are three types of Biblical rains:

1) The early rains, which are a blessing.

2) The latter rains, which are a blessing.

3) The rains out of season, which are a curse.

Over the course of this reporting cycle, we will once again include the instructions from scripture embedded in the agricultural cycle in creation as being evident in the Land at specific times and locations. Use the spirit you have been given to guide you and the technology foretold to be here for us at the end of the age and do not run to and fro like it isn’t there. Focus!!! And follow the Lamb of Fathers household wherever He goes!!!

Attached are the wonderful effects of the early rains in the Land. All the new growth and its winter green taking over the landscape. Evgeny and Yifat have been busy.

Our peace we give to you.


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