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Sabbath February 24, 2024: Take 2

Hi Folks,

I think we may make this a practice day depending on what comes available from today's photos from the Land. Keep in mind if we were actually there at this time we could show you many more pictures of the traditionally early locations we inspect.

This is a good photo from this morning from the Center of the country. Notice there is no low angle sun rays to give a glow to the awns on this grain field. Yes, the flowers are wonderful too. Remember they are the ones that coincide with the grain from the timing of stage #5 on.

Now what does this photo tell us about the grain. Here are 2 more but zoomed in a little.

What do you see?

Yes, the heads are turning to their traditional yellow awn stage. When does that happen in Zadoks? What have years of experience taught you old timers about that?

Could this field be cut for silage right now?

What will this location look like in 16 days if it is allowed to stand on the stalks and not cut for the dairy operations?

More to come no doubt.

Our peace we give to you.


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