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Sabbath February 24, 2024: Take 4

So let me start out with a simple fact. Nothing we have posted to date is declaring you can have a wavesheaf in the next couple of days. You need to read everything is tied to the end of this month. If you decide to do otherwise you are on your own which in fact we all are anyway. We do not make a decision based on one picture now do we? We need to establish a pattern.

Seeing how one of the posts here have caused some to proclaim this as being the month of Abib we have taken it down. Now look at all the remaining evidences, and not comparisons.

By the way the fields in the South which are being cut for dairy consumption appear to be getting cut due to diseases in them. Thus they are attempting to salvage something from them. However, some are getting close to silage readiness which are healthy.

What do you have?

No month of Abib yet! Getting close, so drop the delusions and the fighting regardless of what camp you are in.

By the way Becca, you are correct that it is not the 1st month yet based on all the signs.

The photos from this morning with the exercise to them are from Yiffat today.

Some of the new folks need a short study and explanation about the relevance of Zadok’s growth stages and the actual days between stages so they can make it relevant to the pictures of the grain’s current maturity stage.

Hopefully my copy and paste files work here, if not I will try until it does.

Below we have an abbreviated look at Zadoks Code. I start it at stage #4 because there is a lot of grains already past that but it is important to get the arithmetic assigned to them in numbers of days.

You can see that it takes approximately 60 days for the heads of grain to start coming out of the boot, the thickened stalk which is the ovum in which the infant head is formed. That is the end of the darkened gestation period in grain. Things after that can happen rapidly thus a need to follow the weather conditions which regulate it.

Once we get to this visible stage of seeing the heads on the stalks, we have mathematically approximately 30 more days to reach completely hardened seeds in the heads. That is machine harvest ready, which needs to have moisture content of less than 10% or it can gum up the machinery.

However, that is not the Biblical measure for aviv. Leviticus 2:14 instructs us that physiological maturity takes place prior to stage #9. That is when the seeds can be dried out by roasting them over a fire or by cutting them with a sickle and letting them dry for several days bundled together in the field. It accomplished the same result derived by roasting. If roasting remember you are not cooking them just drying them out so they are hard to the touch and can be ground into flower.

Thus, the Biblical command to qualify for a First of a Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering, which is called most holy, which means unblemished and a maturity level able to reproduce itself is located somewhere in the sub-stages of #8.

Over the years through planting samples in the various stages of dough we have learned which will germinate and produce a plant. We have some examples of that on the website at the bottom of the Abib Reports Page.

That minimum stage has been 8.3. That is when grain will qualify under the Biblical rules of Leviticus 2:14.

So, with that in hand we actually have approximately 15 to 20 days for the seeds in the head to reach this level after the heads emerge under good growing conditions. Let’s say they are not good. Then we add on another 7-8 days to it. Take the median number of 20 and apply it to when the grain should hit the Leviticus 2:14 level after entering stage #8. From 8.3-8.5 you can expect beyond the shadow of a doubt it will actually be machine ready in another 20 days. But that is not our Biblical standard is it. We add the median number of 20 from when it enters dough or at the last sage of milk which is #7 substage 7.

Not every circumstance will be the same so we look for accompanying locations maturing at the same pace and same Zadoks numbers. Then we have a very good forecast for the early locations which will produce a First of the Firstfruit quality grain.

Look at the accompanying chart and picture and then practice some forecasts of your own with the pictures we are putting up. It can actually become fun if not addicting. At the bottom of the illustrated sizes are the growing degree days we showed in an early post if you are curious.

Zadok Stage Sub-Stages Description during these growth stages

4: Boot Boot cycle

1 Flag leaf sheath extending

3 Boot just beginning to swell (45 days)

5 Boot swollen

7 Flag leaf sheath opening

9 First awns visible

5: Head Emergence (58 days)

1 First spikelet of head just visible

3 One-fourth of head emerged

5 Half of head emerged

7 Three-fourths of head emerged

9 Head emergence complete

6: Flowering (Not readily visible in barley)

1 Beginning of flowering

5 Half of florets have flowered

9 Flowering complete

7: Milk Development in kernel

1 Kernel watery ripe

3 Early milk

5 Medium milk

7 Late milk

8: Dough Development in kernel

3 Early dough

5 Soft dough (20 days maximum to very hard kernel in the field depending on weather)

7 Hard dough, head losing green color (Aviv)

We hope this will make it simpler for you to follow along with the growth stages and to be able to forecast what stage they are in and the number of days remaining. Keep in mind this exercise is starting later than stage 5 as you are looking at heads completely out of the boot. Have fun for it can become addicting.

Our peace we give to you!


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