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Sabbath February 25, 2023

Happy Sabbath to All,

We are hoping the peace of this rest has engulfed you. Today we have a quiz of sorts which will unravel a basic proof of many about the timing of specific grains if they do not apply wisdom to it. It should provide a lot of perspective to many.

Let's see where it goes.

Attached is a picture taken yesterday in the Central part of the country. We are not focusing on the young wild barley growing with it up front but on the taller much more mature grain towering over it. Please zoom in if you can and tell us what type of grain this is. Its found in the Bible.

If you have an answer send it to us on the site email for we do not open post requests unless they have a "preview." If you can do it that way we will actually see what you are saying.

Have fun!


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