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Sabbath February 4, 2023

Happy Sabbath to All!

This is the first of several posts today. It is directed at the flower lovers in the group first, and then to those who like to look at what is surrounding the flowers based on past years pictures and experiences.

These photo's are from the area of Netivot which is located in the middle of the NW Negev. Actually most are from the Shedoka Forest. Some of you guys may remember it from your trips there with us.

The land is flat with a few rolling rises and drops. It is also one of the areas which has a large sand content in the soil. With the lack of rain there this year the grain crops look very poorly and very anemic to date. The good news on that venue is they are getting some rain today and will get more in the upcoming days as well.

So, back to the Red Anemones. The festival is off to a good start this year with it taking place throughout the month of February. The lack of rain is causing the anemones to go through their life cycle rapidly. That will slow down if the rains continue which the festival directors are hoping actually happens.

But for now we get to enjoy a lot of beauty proclaiming its glory in the timing of the Abib Cycle. People travel from all over the world to be able to walk through miles after miles of this beauty each February. If you have been one of them you know it can't be forgotten easily.

Several things to take note of besides the beauty of the Red Anemones is the dryness of the soils. Zoom in if you can. Also notice the stark lack of any wild oats and wild barley growth of any stature. All very juvenile. Looks like a lawn that needs help.

However, some of the weeds are doing okay as they always seem to do when there is a lack of moisture in the soil.

The internet is flowing with lots of these pictures so take a shot at finding some of them.


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