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Sabbath January 13, 2024: Take 3

Hi Guys,

Some advice to some of you who are easily shaken. Don't get caught up in vain arguments about things that are not close to center.

I get asked at times by some of you brethren, and by some who pose to be brethren, why I do not always post about new moon sightings regularly from Israel.

My customary response to that is there are only 2 that have any relevance to me as to keeping of the appointed times of meeting. The first and the seventh. You have actually heard me state this many times. Often in between those 2 we see a lot of conjecture designed to draw you into a useless dialogue to take your focus off of what is grounded in faith. The source of that is the evil one.

And no, the new moon day is not a holy day as we have proven from scripture and from pattern. Some claim it as a day of worship so it must be kept and observed separate from others. Let me tell you a little hidden truth: If we host the spirit of God/Elohim, every day is a day of worship for we are the Temple in these second marriage covenant times.

Just don't be sucked into it being a holy day as so many are in word and deed.

Today is a time of peace and quiet. Just keep it that way and then you are actually resisting the evil one in his desire to have you trip and stumble. Look back and see the pattern of this on new moon controversies on either side of the Sabbath. Thats right, its a pattern, so don't get sucked into it.

If you want to address it in some kind of depth wait until after sunset. Comment fine, to argue and fight not fine.

Our peace we give to you.


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