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Thursday May 16, 2024: Day 47 in the count

Good morning Brethren,

We are hoping your count to Pentecost is one of reflection and one of purpose when it comes to your part in it. The reality of it and the return of our Savior with His holy angels to collect His bride, who has made herself ready through her righteous acts, will come to its fullness in the Pentecost functions on the Feast of Weeks. For me and Linda, that rehearsal is this Sunday May 19, 2024.

This being the 47th day in the count and being the same day during the week (Thursday) they left Egypt and arrived at Mt Sinai it seemed appropriate to update those of you who have an interest in some of the deceptive and dumbed down introductions and reintroduction's of efforts to deny Christ/Messiah having come in the flesh.

On the battle front side of this count and the Abib Calendar Cycle there have been an exceptional number of complete errors introduced once again to entice some to take a different direction. And yes, some have who are new to its understanding and application, for satan and his minions are at the door waiting for them. All part of the test and qualifying process our dear friends; brothers, and sisters.

However, there are many who were called to participate in it by Father, who actually did not develop an intimate love for the truth, thus strong delusion has come upon them just like it was foretold by Paul so long ago. No, I am not talking about the followers of Judaism who have received a spirit of stupor when it comes to the truth. They have company according to the terms and conditions of our Second Marriage Covenant.

2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12 The coming of whom (the lawless one) is according to the working of Satan, with all power, miracles, and lying wonders, and in all unrighteous deception among those being lost (not lost yet), because they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved (from the workings of satan). And because of this, God will send them a working of error (strong delusion), for them to believe the lie, that they all may be judged (unworthy to be a part of the Bride, the eternal helpmate), those not believing the truth, but who have delighted in unrighteousness.

So dear brethren in Christ/Messiah, do not be easily shaken when you see many who profess to be part of the Body seeking out teachers from Judaism, ones who are and were the recipients of spiritual stupor. These confused people did have the opportunity presented to them by Father to be drawn to His Son, but they did not develop an intimate love for the process and purpose, and thus they themselves have come under the same spiritual stupor as their sought-out teachers. Paul addressed both so long ago. He even emphasized its intensity at the end of the age prior to the return of our Mighty El: Jesus /Yeshua for His Bride, the eternal helpmate and second Eve for the household of Father Elohim.

With this all in mind, and the never ending drip of deceitful instruction coming from the teachers of spiritual stupor, we decided to once again post an updated article from last year’s cycle, correcting some of the obvious misinformation coming from their mouths as to the role of our Husband and Savior as the First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf Offering of finely ground flour and being accepted as such by Father on our behalf. Yes, He took a savage beating (winnowing) on our behalf prior to shedding His blood in the role of the Passover Lamb of Fathers Household. Based on traditions of Judaism that would have disqualified Him from becoming that Passover Lamb because He was marred and blemished. But the spiritual reality of the function of the Passover Lamb is all about being sin free. Its all part of the patterns of both functions He undertook for us: Lamb and Wavesheaf.

The scriptural pattern and ancient Hebrew words so accurately foretold it in all its intricacies so they would be without excuse. It is a witness against them for all time. Now the people of stupor are even trying to shortchange the simplicity of the ‘omer wavesheaf in their attempt to deny our Christ/Messiah. And yes, that is addressed as well. Most have no idea there are two types of sheaf's spoken about in scripture. You will get to read about them towards the end of the update.

Attached is a PDF of the article. If you can’t obtain it through that method let us know by email and we will attempt to get you a copy another way.

Our peace we give to you.

The FIRST of the FIRSTFRUIT and nothing less (updated 14 May 2024)
Download PDF • 227KB


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