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Sabbath January 13, 2024: Take 4

We may set a record for posts today. Good stuff.

A question about the migration of the White Storks has come up. Glad it did.

To date the pattern of the White Storks holds true in the Land in the Winter. This year we have the same 4 locations hosting wintering WS as we have every single year in the past. How do we know that?

Because we have been following them for decades to start with. Secondly we utilize the bird folks reporting sites.

This year we have White Storks currently hanging around the:

  • Tuvlan Dump in the Jordan Valley north of Jericho.

  • Dunaim Dump in the NW Negev

  • Elifaz Reservoir just north of Eilat.

  • The fish farms south of Gesher down to the conjunction of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys.

The migrations will start as the sun moves further north. As many of you know it is the increasing amount of sunlight which triggers a chemical reaction in the birds brain to start flying north. We call that instinct. Our Elohim call it following Their plan in creation as a Biblical Witness to the change of the year.

The first actual flights will start in the middle to end of February. If delayed, then the first week or so of March. I personally do not expect them to be delayed this year based on current meteorological conditions along their flight path north. But as always, we wait on our Elohim to clearly show us the WS witness in the 10 Biblical witnesses in creation which proclaim the start of the first month in the switch from winter to summer.

Keep them coming.

Our peace we give to you!


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