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Sabbath January 27, 2023

Hi Folks and Happy Sabbath to all!

We hope your day of preparation has gone well, or going well for those who are west of us.

For the past 10 days the early bird pioneer Red Anemones have been popping up here and there in the NW Negev. We are just about to enter the month long festival in the Land which is named after them. That is kept every year throughout the month of February.

Attached are some postings from one of our favorite locations which some of you have had the wonderful pleasure to walk in. In 2 weeks much of the NW Negev will be covered in a carpet of red in all the areas which have not come under the plow.

That will last for about a week to 10 days after that, and then traditionally start to wind down for the season giving way to the wild oats and then the wild barley.

Those duration's can be stretched out if the region gets back to getting some of the rains from heaven which they are currently lacking.

We will keep you posted.

Keep safe in our Lord and Savior and wrap yourself in the promises of the Sabbath rest.


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