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Sabbath January 27, 2024: Take 3

Now that we have seen some of the harsher effects of a winter in the Land, lets look at the softer signs that it is still winter and a time of life to many species of flowers giving their witness.

Keep in mind to look at the wild oats and wild barley growing with the anemones. No heads emerging in any of these locations yet.

Then 4 legged lawn mowers are working overtime.

And then another look at what lots of water does to the crops. Lots of water equals a delay in maturing past the Juvenile stages of Zadoks Code. Don't forget the temperatures as well.

Yes, Father controls all of the meteorological events in the Land to bring about His will, whether it be for the start of the Month of Abib, abundant crops, lack of rain to cause drought, or to show His displeasure with rains out of season.

We just need to have the strength of the spirit and the character that builds in us to acknowledge which is which.

Our peace we give to you.


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