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Sabbath January 27, 2024: Take 5

Hi Guys,

Several questions to answer.

The photo you see is of the Re'im recreation area. Some of you guys are very familiar with it. You may recognize the trees here by one of the many sandy roads.

In this picture you can see young oats in the head towering over young barley. As we point out each growing cycle, the wild oats usually head and matures 2-3 weeks prior to wild barley growing with it. But, only at this time in the cycle. Later on, the timing mixes up back and forth based on soils and genetic composition.

Please take note that in this section of the area the soils are very sandy and do force a rapid pace through the Zadok stages if the rains slow down or even stop.

Hope this helps to give you a good visual of that pattern.

The next one is about an update on the White Storks.

We still have the same birds wintering in the Land; at Elifaz Reservoir near Eilat, at the Dunaim dump, the Toulvan dump, and the fishponds between Kfar Ruppin and Gesher.

The largest flock is at the Tovlan dump north of Jericho. Around 450 at best count. Tough to do so with all the activity there.

Remember their pattern. The migrating White Storks are primarily driven by instinct which simply means: as the days grow longer in Africa on the northern side of the Equinox line there is a chemical process which starts in their brains which triggers the migrating response. As the sun gets closer to the Equinox crossing we will start to see migrating White Storks. That will happen from the 3rd week of February on in most years. At that time we get a few bands moving in, with the big migrations taking place in March. Until then its just the resident WS whose brains need to be rewired to some extent.

Once again, we hope that helps you in our following the 10 Biblical witnesses in creation as to the start of the Month of Abib.

Our peace we give to you!


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