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Sabbath January 28, 2023

Hi Folks and Happy Sabbath once again,

We are hoping you are staying safe in the favor and acceptance being granted to you by Father. It is wonderful to be able to see through the misinformation surrounding the Abib Calendar which is pushed by so many seeking your adoration and lets not forget your money as well.

It is for that very reason that we have kept a record of all the inspections for over 20 years for everyone to go back and review so they will not be easily fooled. So keep your money in your wallet.

For instance it is reported that the information we are posting for this month (January) has confirmed it will be a February start of the Biblical New Year. Now for the majority of you who have followed the patterns over the years you are probably having a good chuckle at that one. But lets keep it at that and not entertain any sort of anger at it. There are many witnesses in creation which are very far off at this time in the cycle.

For you newer folks to our information flow about the Abib Calendar cycle don't be mislead by others putting words into our mouths. If you obtain our information from our Facebook Page here simply go back to the postings from last January and you will see exactly the same growth cycles in the Land. The only thing missing will be the volumes of snow in January which was exceptional for that year.

You will see the timing of the first Red Anemones, Almonds blooming, etc., all in the same general Gregorian Calendar dates.

There was lots of rain last year as compared to this year, but that ending has not been written yet. Be still and watch the power of our Elohim/God.

Once again, a word of caution. If someone is fishing for your money you really need to walk away from them. If they were doing the work of our Elohim, they would not need your money to do it.

Father would have provided for them to undertake the function they are placed in. This is a labor of love to the Body of Christ/Messiah nothing more, yet nothing less. We do not live in the times of the Levitical Priesthood but rather the Melchisedec Priesthood. Paul clearly defines the in's and out's of that function.

Our rewards await us at a future date. As slaves to Christ/Messiah and children of Father we do not expect to be paid for work which is required of us. To expect otherwise is the way of this torn world. So, with that covered never send us a penny, nor look to any of us as anything other than laborers in the our Husbands field, just like you.

In a few weeks we will enter the timing of some of the other early witnesses in creation to the timing of the Biblical Year transferring from winter to summer in the Promised Land. That process usually takes a lunar month in timing to get the majority if not all of the witnesses declaring the same thing. But, we wait on Father to clearly show us regardless of what we think and have fun with throughout the cycle.

Keep safe in our Lord and Savior!


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