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Sabbath January 6, 2024: Take 2

Me again, imagine that.

I am thinking it is a good time to put up a visual of what grain looks like in the various Zadok stages so the newer folks can get a good feel for what they are seeing in the photo's we post.

Most of the fields we are looking at as advanced are in the stage 3 segment. If you look on the Page here at the beginning you will see Bridget has posted a Zadok Code illustration as to the numbering in it. Pretty easy to follow but much easier with pictures of the various stages.

There are a few samples that have entered the 4th stage that we have seen. Definitely early birds. With using both the codes and the pictures of what they look like you can become proficient in identifying the stages in the photographs.

Some of the goat grasses (unacceptable wild barley not to be used in the designation of the First of the Firstfruits Wavesheaf Offering timing) are in the stage 4 growth cycle. Some folks are deceived into following them for the start of the year and thus alienate themselves from Christ/Messiah and Father as to Their appointed times of meeting with us.

We have posted often about why this happens. Simply put the poor soils they are located in promote an expedited growth cycle out of sync with the acceptable wild and domestic barley crops.

If you look at what would be the absolute most advanced grain at this time you are looking at the beginning 4th stage with an age of roughly 45 days. Once again that is just a random sampling that is ahead of the growth cycle in general. Do the math.

If we have absolutely perfect growing conditions for the rest of the cycle we would have in these samples scattered here and there a February 20-21 maturity age. This is all really simple. We are not going to have perfect conditions for we are entering the coldest time of the year in the grain growing regions of Israel. Add to that the random samples maturing would require tip toeing through the grain fields to pick a lovely bouquet.

That is not how a harvest is conducted so please do not be dumbed down by grifters and people subject to spiritual stupor claiming it is.

And don't forget: No micro-environments allowed. That is a greenhouse effect which produces fake samples out of season.

So we hope this added tool can assist you. If their is anything in particular you would like addressed email it over to us at:

Thank you for loving Father and Christ/Messiah!

Our peace we give to you.


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