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Sabbath July 1, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to you all,

We are hoping you are actively competing for the prize at the end of this race you have been called to.

With the start of July we thought it would be good to take inventory of the growing season. Here you have a video from Evgeny taken yesterday which gives us a good gauge of this vineyards growth. No Doubt some will start declaring the grape harvest is upon us. Once again these folks will fall under the designation of Biblical and Agricultural idiots.

Watch through the video and note the many variations of colors throughout the vineyard as well as in individual clusters. That tells us the maturing process is now underway as our friends at the Galai Winery posted today as well. This is a very important stage in the growth cycle. The amount of water allowed to flow through the irrigation lines and the timing of it being delivered will influence the sugar content of the grapes as well as the approximate time of harvest. If a moderate approach is taken these grapes will be harvest ready by the start of August. However, that can be shortened or lengthened by the choice of the individual controlling the tap.

Good lessons for us all on the spiritual level.

The harvest forecast is right in sync with the start of this Abib Cycle and New year we are observing. Let's see how some of the deceivers try to spin that if in fact they do try.

Our peace we give to you.


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