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Sabbath July 1, 2023: Take 2

Happy Sabbath once again.

Here are several pictures which convey the state of affairs in the agricultural cycle currently taking place in the Land.

The first one is from our friends at the Galai Winery in the NW Negev. Here is their quote which accompanies it:

"Order of the Commander... Everything is prepared and ready for the ripening period of the grapes on the vines."

Of course they are referring to our Elohim and the pattern They have instilled into the grapes. As mentioned in the earlier post the maturing process can be affected and manipulated to some extent by man. That is only because men have learned the pattern and process our Creators have instilled into the grapes. That is part of our dominion granted over them.

The next photo is from the Jezreel Valley and makes it clear that the summer vegetable crops are completely reliant on man irrigating them at this time in the Land. The farmers in Israel have vast systems of irrigation from aerial delivery as you see in this photo to drip lines above the ground as well as buried lines. Without this massive irrigation system little would grow at this time of year that could be harvested.

The last photo from today is once again showing the status of the early peas in the Negev. And once again they are not possible without irrigation and lots of it.

So in short, this is what the cycle looks like at the start of July this year. All is where it needs to be for the manipulated harvest times of the summer fruits and vegetables. We are looking forward to the time when our Elohim will water the Land from the rains of heaven in a balanced yearly growing cycle as it once was.

May the Kingdom come soon!

Our peace we give to you.


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