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Sabbath June 3, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to all!

We hope you are being blessed with a peaceful Sabbath rest and are anticipating the festival rehearsals of the 7th month, which is a bit of a wait but never too early to start focusing over the long and hot summer months.

As you can see we have the May update on the weather in the Land from the IMS.

Over the past several weeks we have read some really pathetic claims about rain during the second and third months from some dumbed down people. We will address the stupidity of them in a later post. The Biblical and Climate ignorance of these individuals is frankly amazing. They read updates like these from the IMS and then proceed to go in a different direction as to conclusions. The Bible talks about early rain, later rain, and rain out of season. We are to pray about the first two taking place as they are directly linked to growing successful amounts of grain. However, the third is not a welcomed event at any time for it is 100% associated with a curse or a sign of displeasure from our Elohim on the inhabitants of the Land. It is very simple to follow the Biblical patterns of all three.

And yes, they are still in effect today! He will never leave nor forsake us.

Now the climate/meteorology of the process.

The La Nina we have been experiencing ended in February by most authorities declarations who are tasked with following such things. As you read the IMS report please take note of the sudden change of events in the January/February time mentioned in the article.

With the La Nina ending after an extended time (over 3 years in total) the start of the El Nino is being watched for. But it is not here yet so we are in a state of limbo one might say looking for it to enter the world scene. What that does is make havoc of the Trade Winds. Simple fact.

The results have meant a very different and chaotic wind season to date in Israel and the surrounding countries for that matter the past several months. They could not make up their mind what they wanted to do which would cause wild swings in weather being separated by mere hours in some cases.

That my friends brings on strong rain events wherever it happens. That has been focused on the South of late. Now who controls the weather? Which of the three Biblical rain scenarios would you classify these flash flood events in the South under?

If your answer to the first question is mother nature, you fail.

If your answer to the second question is later rains, you fail again.

Please keep in mind we did not see even a hint of the first sharav event until into March. If you remember we spoke about this often back in Jan/Feb. For the Month of Abib to start in early March we look for at least one sharav event prior to the middle of February. At the very minimum the second half of that month.

These are patterns found in our records of the past 2+ decades of keeping them. This was a very simple year to call. It is the first cycle following an intercalated one. The results are a given but we went to Israel once again to show a detailed description of the grain growth cycle and the other 9 Biblical witnesses as to the turn of the year being declared by our Elohim.

We did this on your behalf.


Because there are so many threats to the accuracy of the Abib Calendar surrounding us these days we once again wanted to give one more yearly cycle, from start to finish for your records, to assist you in wading through the mire of misinformation coming from grifters, angels of light, folks functioning under a spirit of stupor, and oh yes, let's not forget the self proclaimed levites who have some sort of secret knowledge of such things.

What we will be doing over the course of the time between now and the 7th month which by the way will begin in September, is to address some of the myths, falsehoods and traps set to trip you up by our adversary. We will not be posting pretty pictures so if you are one of the folks who tune in to see them over the course of many months you will be disappointed no doubt.

Maybe we will start our first post later today.

Our peace we give to you!


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