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Sabbath March 16, 2024

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath,

We hope you are being blessed in your decision to keep the annual rehearsals of our Elohim during this wonderful Month of Abib.

I will answer two questions which are popping up frequently. Not sure why but that does not matter.

The first is yes, the migrations are intense in the Land right now. Birders are thrilled with the volumes and numbers at mid-March.

The second question pertains to the stage of growth of wild and domestic grain in the North. Not sure where that one is coming from but here are pictures from the lands surrounding the Sea of Galilee. They are taken by some folks doing the entire circumference of it the past few days. There are dozens and dozens more on the internet from the past few days.

The first one is goat grass. Yes, very advanced as it should be in stony soils and exposed to constant sun.

The next two are domestic grain (too far away to know which) well into the head stages and taking on their Month of Abib look.

Then we have our voyagers up in the Golan. Notice the tree on the right. Zoom in. Yes, mountain fig. This Biblical witness is so true and accurate to the timing of winter leaving and summer appearing it is uncanny. Unlike every other witness the fig does so in harmony with all the other figs across the country. Maybe that is why our Lord and Savior gave it to us to learn from.

So yes, the North is well on its way if you have eyes to see.

Keep in mind you don't need to get these from us. If you have an Instagram account just pick locations in specific areas to follow and any photo with it as a tag will show up for you.

Keep in mind none of these folks have any Calendar agendas whatsoever. So you get a completely unbiased view of things. No cherry picking photos to support your claims or anything like that.

I need some more sleep.

Our peace we give to you.


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