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Sabbath March 2, 2024: Take 2

Hi Guys,

They are just like clock work. That is because the big hand of the clock in the heavens controls when they come through the Land.

The first 2 pictures are from yesterday and speak to the numbers of Great White Pelicans coming through on their migration north.

In the past two days the White Storks have started moving through the Land as well. They are confining themselves to the coastal area for the most part for there are lots of tail winds for them there coming from the South as a pressure area was located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast. Many of our birder friends are reporting them. Groups from a few dozen to several hundred.

Unfortunately they are not hanging around. They drop down to rest and then are off to Europe. This is not anywhere near the big migration yet. That will not happen for a week or so from now.

The first two photos from today are of White Storks overhead. Look at their body structure and then their markings.

The next photo is of migrating cranes today. Examine their structure as well. Do you see the difference? A good opportunity to be able to now identify them in flight.

Now a beautiful photo of sunrise on the grain fields. Those are fake heads you see there so ignore them. Ha!

Then a photo of wheat from the Megiddo Triangle. Remember how early and fast this entire area south of the Valley of Jezreel started out? Well it was slowed down by Father with all the record rainfalls.

And now for the flower lovers out there. Please enjoy. Their intricate designs are all on our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you!


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