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Sabbath March 25, 2023: Take 2

Enjoy these simple photos from today from the Center of the country to the Negev. You can see all the information in photo witnesses as to the change of the year is available to you sitting in the comfort of your home. Use it to put all the reports to the test and the resulting decisions as well.

Our favorite photographer has posted some really good pictures of the Land declaring the decision of which month start the new year today. It appears you all have 3 starts to choose from now. There is only one Month of Abib.

If you have the ability to zoom in on the domestic field in the background you will see the rapidly maturing domestic grain is crowned by an abundance of aviv wild barley in all its glory. We have shown you photos of the same thing last week in different locations.

Picture 2 is in the same area.

As is picture three from today.

In picture 4 we see even the tares are getting into the act of being aviv.

None of the other inspectors in the Land even venture to this area of early barley in the country. Never! Why don't you ask them why not?

Here in picture 5 we see a field in the Jezreel Valley. We witnessed many more, much more advanced than this one last week there. You have seen our video and photo's of one of them with acres upon acres of mature wild barley growing amongst the wheat and the 2 row barley.

Then to picture 5 from the Negev.

Do you see how easy this is. There is no mystery to it if you have eyes to see the grain crops around the country turning color as our Savior instructs us. This was widely taking place the week before this past New Moon.

Why don't some of you do some looking today and send over your findings for us to post as well.

Our peace we give to you.


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