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Sabbath March 30, 2024

Good Morning Brethren and a happy Sabbath rejuvenation to you.

With this being day 5 in our keeping of the days of UB and Wavesheaf Day taking place tomorrow we thought it a good time to post some of the barley and wheat fields in the high elevations in the Center and the North being cut for hay. These are not silage operations. The hay will be dried in the field for a number of days being turned at least once to insure no moisture left in it. Once again this is barley and wheat as we have talked about in depth for those who have ears to listen. (first 5 pictures)

All of these locations have reached the dough stages due to the intense sun, heat, and wind Father has applied to it and is continuing to apply to the Land. Yes, even in the high elevations and in the North rim of the Jezreel Valley.

Then we have the migrating storks doing their annual inspection.

And lets not forget all the tares and mixed multitude trying to budge into the narrative exerting themselves above the others. They are so easy to recognize.

And then for another witness to the timing. You have seen us posting about Poppy's for the past week. This is their timing in the Land. Many have been waiting for it. You will come to see it always coincides with aviv barley. One more witness in creation to assist you in your decision making albeit it would be a little on the late side in many years but nonetheless an assurance to you.

Here they are growing in domestic and wild. Look how aviv the wild is. If you grabbed a hold of it , it would shatter.


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