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Sabbath March 4, 2023

Good Morning and a Happy Sabbath rest to all.

Attached below we have a screen shot of the IMS report for today. It appears the Land is in for the shortest lived sharav event we have ever witnessed. If there is any shorter please let us know. It will hit Sunday (officially) and discontinue Sunday as well with temperatures returning to seasonal. And yes, maybe some rain in the North.

This recent warm up has been good for some things but did not bring the effect some were thinking. Why? Because of the cloudy and hazy skies often throughout it. That affects the suns part in growing degree days. By the way no one sent over an explanation of that process for us to share with you so we will leave it to all to seek it out themselves.

No white stork sightings of any note to report. However there are some scattered swift reports building. Not big numbers but small little groups.

On a different venue it has been asked if we can Biblically harvest the barley before wavesheaf Day? I have answered that in the past and may again, but it will undoubtedly bring out the confused ones as it has done in the past. That does not bother me for I am very used to them in this process. This erroneous teaching of being able to do so is steeped in traditions of Judaism and not the Holy Bible. In fact it rejects our Messiah as having come in the flesh as it is intended to do.

Once again, happy Sabbath.

Our peace we give to you!


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