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Sabbath March 9, 2024

Good Morning Brethren and a Happy and Joyous Sabbath rest to you.

Once again, I need to just say how amazing it is to see the landscape across the Land exploding with all the witnesses to this change in the year and thus winter to summer. Anyone who has eyes to see shares in that beautiful gift of understanding.

It is wonderful to read comments from so many photographers in Israel who recognize this very thing and who want to share it in their photos with everyone. And yes, they have no preset agenda in any of it.

We are going to have quite a few posts for you today if Father allows. You never know what obstacle will jump out as a test.

First this morning let’s catch up with the flower lovers here, with their witness of the last of the second half of winter which transitions into the Month of Abib. The intricacy of their individual beauty always make me take a deep breath and thank our Elohim.

The witness of the grapes is about to take place. Most are still in their winter sleep but the tenders of the vineyards in most cases have pruned them back in preparation for their awakening. Three photos exhibiting that process as of yesterday.

Then we have 8 photos from around the Land taken yesterday and today in different stages of growth from 6 through 8.3 in both domestic barley and wheat. Drink in the beauty of creation working in harmony.

Now 3 instructional photos of interest.

The first is a great one for newer folks still looking for some of the earlier head stages in Zadoks Code of growth. It is wild barley and domestic 2 row barley growing together. Notice all the florets on the closer heads of domestic, and look at the design of the seeds in the head for a reminder of its unique appearance. They are the little light colored tags on them. Go to your Zadok Code and it will give the timing that represents in the growth stages of the grain.

The wild barley is doing exactly what it always does in good agricultural soils, it is towering above her domestic sister. She does the same among the wheat as well.

But that is not all in this photo. We have one stalk of wheat in the mix. Try and pick it out. And no it is not 6 row barley. Have fun.

Then a photo which instructs us to the different timings of grain being planted. This photo displays 3 of them based on growth stages. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

And the last one in this sequence shows how the grain at the top of the hill or rise will always start to mature to the condition of aviv first. Notice the lighter color on both rises on the right just starting.

Knowledge added with understanding of something, is the foundation of wise decision making. Do not let anyone steal your crown. Learn this Abib Growing Cycle for yourselves and set yourselves free. And then do not leave it at that, for you are then equipped with the sword of truth to defend the widows and the fatherless being crushed in their attempts to keep the appointed times of meeting with our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you.


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