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Sabbath May 4, 2024: The 5th perfect creation week Sabbath count in the 7 week harvest to Pentecost/Feast of Weeks

Hi Folks,

Two posts related to weather today in following up with some of you guys.

First the recent destroying rains. Its simple. There are three types of rain mentioned in the Bible:

  1. The early rains (a blessing)

  2. The latter rains (a blessing)

  3. Rains out of season (a curse)

Look up the ancient Biblical Hebrew for all three. You may get a surprise with the last one.

So what would you classify this rain event of this past week as?

And following what?

The next post will be for your records about the month of April this cycle.

And no, we are not posting any more pictures of barley as the volume of them already posted on a daily basis for many months is overwhelming evidence of when the year started along with all the other 9 biblical witnesses in creation given to us by our Elohim.

Simply use the methods and links we gave you weeks ago to do so yourself.

Our peace we give to you.


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