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Sabbath March 9, 2024: Take 3

I am reminded to put up the rules of this page once again.

There are no requests to post opened let alone posted. If you have a preview with it we can open that and see what you are communicating.

You can reach us at the email listed at the top of the Page. We do answer a lot of questions that way in private without an audience.

So now we may as well look at some additional photos from today. The first one says it all from the eyes of Father looking down on His process of declaring the start of the year in the grain.

You will notice the various fields in differing stages of age. Such a beautiful sight. Unfortunately some are blinded to it and its obvious meaning. Two weeks from now the view from above will be awesome in witness before the timing of our Saviors efforts on our behalf.

The iris in the forefront tops it off.

Then some fields of grain: both barley and wheat, showing off their heads of grain, some young, some older.

Our peace we give to you!


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